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"To prosper by creating sales which provide the customer with what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it, where they want it, at a competitive price that is fair to all concerned."

Company Founder

We've been in downtown Waynesville, NC for more than half a century! Haywood Builders Supply Company was founded in 1948 by Mr. W. I. Dooly, as a subsidiary of his lumber company in East Tennessee. Ownership of the company stayed with the Dooly family until 1993, when an Employee Stock Ownership Plan and Trust was created and initially purchased 35% of the company's shares. Today, Haywood Builders Supply's majority ownership is held by the employees' ESOP Trust. Being employee-owners, we take a PERSONAL interest in our customers' needs.

From the beginning, Haywood Builders Supply has been known for being a leader in obtaining varied and high- quality building materials from widespread sources. We are known for enabling homeowners to go through the process of making style and design choices -- while at the same time providing the pricing and service levels required by professional builders! Since our location in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina is a favorite retirement destination, we are quite familiar with the coordination and other special needs of "long-distance" customers who have construction done in preparation of moving here.


Our longevity comes from our trained, experienced personnel, who understand and believe that our main job is to help customers. One reason for our success is the expertise of both our outside sales force and our in-house staff. Having a knowledgeable team of employees, quality products and competitive pricing, we know that we can treat each customer as a personal friend.


Haywood Builders Supply is committed to:
Serving 'pro' builders. Serving the needs of individual residential customers. Serving the needs of our employees and families.


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